Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Psalm 19

by Jeannie J. Cooper
Mother and Housewife

How I love to study the skies!
There is so much there to read,
Such beauty, yet fury beyond
The power of man to create,
Only God Himself, a Being beyond description.

God speaks in so many ways,
If we but listen!
In growing things I see His work.
And hear His voice in the songs of birds.

My camera captures the heavenly scene
Of clouds piling upon each other
And changing shapes.
Daily I stand in awe
Watching trees respond to the wind
And plants come alive in the rain.
At night I gaze at the stars
And am thrilled to be able to see them!

God's laws must be obeyed, not questioned.
Though I do my best
There is sin within me.
And I pray for forgiveness
Help me, O God, to do only
What is right.