Thursday, January 6, 2011

Psalm 26

by Norma Akamatsu
Clinical Social Worker

To Ron

Uphold my conviction, O God,
to live with integrity
and trust in you absolutely.
Put me to the test,
my heart and my mind,
I remain focused on your love
and walk with resolute faith in you.

I avoid the dishonest and dissemblers.
I despise those who cause harm
and I will refuse the company of the malevolent.

I hold a mala of the purest wood
sitting in meditation, O God,
I whisper my thankfulness
and wonder at your creation.

O God, I cherish this earth
and celebrate nature’s splendor.
Don’t throw me in with the despicable,
Nor throw my life in with the violent
who hold weapons in one hand and
bribes in the other.

My path is to walk in my integrity,
Redeem me, and with kindness.
I stand in equanimity
and when we all gather together, I will
bless God.