Thursday, January 6, 2011

Psalm 40

by Tracey Sutphin and Kristie Miller
Office Administrator and Physician

Faith Persevering in Trial

There was a time in which I needed God desperately, so I prayed for Him
patiently, and in time I could see that He heard my prayers.

My life had been overwhelming me, my troubles felt like quicksand
trying to swallow me, and the Lord pulled me out of it so that I was
steady on my own two feet.

I am now a different person, and I am sharing my story of how the
Lord helped me, so that everyone will know of His power, and trust in
His greatness.

Those who trust in the ways of God will be blessed. God teaches us not to
succumb to pride, and to listen carefully for the truth.

Lord, you have been so generous in your acts of kindness, and you have
shown us the path of goodness in so many ways that it is hard to recall
them all.

You have shown me that you do not require us to sacrifice ourselves,
but instead to follow your teachings.

I am delighted to follow your path, and your law of goodness is now in
my heart, a part of me.

I have been sharing your goodness with everyone around me.

I tell everyone of how you were there for me when I needed you, and how
you saved me with your love and kindness

Lord, I thank you for letting me feel your love and tenderness as much as
possible, for this kindness keeps me going.

In my life I have felt surrounded by difficulties, challenges, and at times I
feel that my sins are so numerous that I am ashamed.
O Lord, show me your way, help me

Let those who bring negativity and
destruction to my life think twice before they challenge me.

Let those who look towards you and bring you into their lives find
happiness and love. Let them sing your praises.

Those of us that are poor and need direction will find the help we need in the Lord. Please hurry, my God.